Nejeni Uplift

Nejeni takes pride in its Socio Upliftment. Annually projects are selected to be undertaken by our experienced team in areas with limited services. We offer our services to develop these beneficiaries in order to grow.

Beneficiaries we have assisted so far:

Blackheath Primary School

Having established a firm foothold in the Western Cape Civil engineering industry, we started to identify initiatives that would show Nejeni to be the responsible company we strive to be. We hold education in high regard, and therefore focused on such institutions. Having been based in Blackheath, we looked at local schools and approached Blackheath Primary School. Instead of throwing money with no focus, we engaged with the school and identified their needs.

The school themselves had an initiative to teach road safety to their grade 1 to grade 3 pupils. Due to circumstance, the majority of these learners grow up without basic traffic safety being taught at a young age and this results in an immense amount of poor traffic knowledge related accidents. Children do not know the traffic rules and regulations and therefor don’t acknowledge the danger of crossing the road before looking, this causes hundreds of accidents involving children. It was decided to assist by doing what we do best, civil engineering construction, so we constructed a tar platform with road markings where this could be taught in a safe environment.

Our team investigated, designed and constructed the platform that the school would not have been able to allocate budget for. We also supplied the school with road signs to assist with the training initiative.

In 2016, we reached out to Blackheath Primary School again. With their little ones already benefiting from the Traffic Safety Installation we constructed, the areas that needed attention this time around was more practical for students and faculty. We constructed paved walkways for this children from the road entrance to the school yard. Existing walkways were basically non existent, made up of sand and gravel.

We are proud to have once again developed this community by helping a school that is responsible for educating over 1600 learners from the immediate area.

  • Blackheath Primary School
  • Blackheath Primary Schoolu
  • Blackheath Primary School

Wesbank Primer No.1

Nestled in the Wesbank area, just off Hindle Road, this school is a shining light for its community. With gang violence and limited services affecting the children in this community, Mr Gordon the Principal has gone above and beyond to give his students as much support as possible. Nejeni visited the school to see where we can assist and upgraded the safety of the school premises by enhancing civil services that posed obstacles.

We were honoured to add this school as a beneficiary to our Socio-Economic Development Programme.

  • Wesbank Primer No.1
  • Wesbank Primer No.1
  • Wesbank Primer No.1