Nejeni Construction and Project Management (Pty) Ltd

We Have Evolved

In the early period of 2000 the concept of creating a construction company was merely discussed in depth, emanating ultimately in the registration of Nejeni Construction CC (Close Corporation). The key role players at the time were very much involved in their respective existing careers, so it was inevitable that despite the registration process being finalised, the realisation of an emerging formidable entity was to be put on hold.

In retrospect, the period that had lapsed between the registration of the company and the actual implementation of the first viable project, provided the much needed breathing space to create the platform for the acquisition of further valuable experience of the various new technologies, applications and practices in use within the broader Civil Engineering field. This period further provided the opportunity to understand the ever changing environment where service delivery and expertise were sorely sought ensuring that the focus was directed where the need was greatest.

The first project ever undertaken by Nejeni Construction was in Luhatla for the National Defence Force, involving the replacement of existing poor pipe infrastructure and the installation of additional new infrastructure.

This project proved to be the trigger in launching and accelerating Nejeni into the Construction Industry arena. A new energy emerged with possibilities abounding and a “never say die” attitude to delivering a quality service or product on time, according to specification and within budget. An aggressive yet focused approach was adopted in an effort to make a concerted entry (there was no room for mediocrity) into the already competitive Civil Engineering environment.

In the early days Nejeni prospered under the mentorship and guidance of a larger more prominent and established Civil Engineering company, Learning, Developing and Performing. As a result, as time passed projects undertaken became more varied, complex and challenging, yet at no time deterring the hunger and drive to one day become that formidable recognised construction entity.

The slogan: “ensuring a better South Africa through the provision of quality workmanship” reflects the work ethics of the entire TEAM and has become the motto and vision of Nejeni.

Today, 15 years on from the date of registration and establishment, Nejeni have emerged from the shadows cementing their existence as a reputable and reliable construction company operating from Cape Town (Blackheath Industrial), always delivering on time within budget and in a professional manner. Challenges/obstacles within the construction arena are seen as opportunities to showcase the capabilities that Nejeni as a problem solver and business stalwart exhibit on a daily basis to a clientele that spans Local Authorities through to the private entity.