Nejeni Construction and Project Management (Pty) Ltd
Pipe installation

Sewerage, water and treated effluent

A clear distinction needs to be made between pipe installation in virgin territory (New developments without any other existing infrastructure) and installation of pipe infrastructure undertaken within a built up Urban environment. Nejeni is very adept and experienced in the latter (Built up URBAN environment) and specialises in this particular form of pipe construction, setting them apart from the majority of pipeline contractors.

Working in the Urban environment presents a variety of challenges as underground services and road furniture criss-cross the project scope testing the creative yet practical and correct processes of the engineering principles.

Pipe installation is undertaken either to replace existing aging and poor infrastructure or to install new services for the expansion of the existing pipe network or to upgrade existing pipe networks as a result of increased consumer demand (improved service and to cater for population growth). We have vast experience and expertise in both the pressurised pipe networks (water and treated effluent) and the gravity fed network (Sewerage). Pipe installation covers a varying spectrum of material types, each requiring individual experience in ensuring that the final product is capable of delivering the required service at the designed criteria. Nejeni is proficient in all the varying material types in terms of understanding the material types and the proper and correct installation criteria.