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Pipe cracking

It is becoming more and more relevant for Municipal entities to insist on trenchless technologies for the installation of new services or for remedial work to existing services within the road reserve. This is especially true where busy intersections or road crossings are encountered. At the same time Trenchless Technology reduces the negative impact on households (where new service installations cross driveways) and general vehicular traffic (on roads where the driving surface is reduced as a result of open trench excavation).

Pipe Cracking (can also be referred to as pipe bursting) is a method that we use to replace or upgrade existing water and sewerage pipe networks that exist beneath the surface of the road/ground without having to excavate and expose the entire length of infrastructure that requires remedial work. This method of pipe replacement or upgrade drastically reduces construction time and inconvenience to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

We have acquired all the necessary infrastructure and improved our pipe cracking capabilities affording us the platform from which we can offer our clients a world class end product.