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Civil Construction (Roads/Water and Sewer)

Nejeni has a full complete of equipment as well as suitably qualified staff to undertake the full spectrum of Civil engineering Projects. In the embryo stages of our company, we were fortunate to be supported by a large and well renowned construction company. Thanks to this company and its mentoring we have developed into a company that is built on sound principles and excellent ethics. Our Client base is not restricted or limited to Municipalities. We find that our work in the private sector has recently increased. We further do not find the need to advertise in this sector as “word of mouth” and good workmanship is all that is needed. Our management in Nejeni believes in continuous self-improvement. Therefore wherever further training is needed, staff benefit.

Trenchless Technology

Whilst the use of trenchless technologies to rehabilitate sewer and water infrastructure has been around for a long time….Nejeni has perfected the method of completing the work in a shorter timeframe than most other contractors doing similar or the same work. This could be as result of good management of the site and perhaps the no sparing of qualified individuals on site. We have staff that have cracked in excess of 1000km pipeline.

Using pipe cracking, an existing pipe does not necessarily need to be replaced size for size, host pipes can be upsized to larger diameters to accommodate for increased use.

With pipe cracking a continuously welded pipe is pulled through an existing pipe not requiring any joints between pulling points, therefor there is minimal chance of leaks in comparison to open trench spigot and socket pipes.

Trenchless techniques are advantageous in several conditions, namely for pipelines..

– In developed areas where excavations must be kept to a minimum

– Under roads where traffic disruptions must be avoided

– Under surfaces which would require costly re-instatement

– In areas with heavily concentrated services

– Underneath permanent structures

Additional services:

– HDPE Butt Welding

– HDPE Electrofusion Welding

– Pipe Repairs and Replacement

– Sliplining

Project Management

Our senior project managers at Nejeni collectively hold more than 100years of experience in managing projects. All aspects of project management are considered when managing a Civils project. This includes Health and Safety and related statutory requirements for Construction projects. In some of the specialized projects such as advanced pressure management, managing the projects critical path can become a huge challenge as many unknown factors surface during the construction period. Nejeni, is proud to say that in all projects whereby Nejeni was the custodian in terms of project management of the intended project, we have never seen penalties been realized.

CCTV Camera Inspections & Surveys

NEJENI enable you to make informed decisions for your pipeline & drainage assets. Our experienced technicians provide a detailed description and survey report so you can clearly see which section of pipe require maintenance and make informed decisions.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) type of pipes has become prominent in the Civil Engineering industry recently. We found ourselves installing more and more HDPE over the last couple of years. As one knows, it is imperative to inspect each weld post welding on these types of pipes. It is with this in mind Nejeni Management decided to fully equip our CCTV Crew with all the equipment to not only do the inspections of welded HDPE pipes but also sewer pipeline inspections. To date, we have inspected and reported on in excess of 1000km pipelines.

Inspection Survey Reporting Software

WinCan is an easy-to-use reporting package that gives professional, clear and concise reports, which can be customised to your needs. Our technicians include photographs captured directly from the survey video footage and record short video clips to help provide as much information as possible.

WinCan also offers detailed analysis and reporting of defects and has the ability to do post-rehabilitation surveys.

NEJENI can offer “BEFORE” and “AFTER” photographs printed together as evidence that repairs have been carried out correctly.

High Pressure Cleaning Operations

We found ourselves using sub-contractors to complete high-pressure cleaning more and more. These external costs were radical and it was agreed by management that we develop our own Jet Cleaning Team. Nejeni is extremely proud of well trained and fully equipped high pressure jet machine truck. No expense was spared when the vehicle was designed and equipped. In fact we even went as far as making sure the entire vehicle is capable of 4×4 travelling off road.

Network Design and Analysis

Individuals in our management team have huge amounts of experience in Advanced Pressure Management Systems, Design and Analysis of areas and smaller zones. Understanding critical points and management of these particular points to ensure the objective of saving water and pressure reduction is achieved. One can confidently say that members of our team have had a say in most of the pressure management systems in and around Cape Town.

Demand Side Management (DSM)

Once again, our extremely competent management team has had the privilege of working for National Government whereby strategies for Water Demand Management or Demand Side Management were realized. This was the case for more than 7 Municipalities in the Western Cape alone, including the Metro. Nejeni can quite easily claim to have more Water Demand Exposure and experience than most other Civil engineering companies.

Emergency Repair Works

Additional to Nejeni’s contracting teams, we discovered the need for a 24 hour emergency response division, which could tackle situations such as pipe blockages, pipe collapses, pipe bursts and road sagging in a real time manner. Nejeni is proud to boast several teams with skilled and experienced members that can be on site within hours of a notification. These teams have been extremely successful since inception, and continue to grow as the demand arises.

Something About Us

Nejeni has emerged into the Civil Engineering playing field as a dynamic, reliable, innovative and quality focused company. Through the alignment with key role-players in the Civil environment, we have strategically gained knowledge and experience coupled with a raw desire at striving to deliver only best.

Our Vision

The slogan: “ensuring a better South Africa through the provision of quality workmanship” reflects the work ethics of the entire TEAM and has become the motto and vision of Nejeni.

What We Do

Pipe cracking

Pressure management

Pipe installation (sewerage, water and treated effluent):

Bulk Meter installation

Emergency repairs

Precast chambers installation

Road construction(including side-walks):